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   Property Protection Advice

Property Protection

To reduce the risk of property within your house from being stolen you can take some simple measures:

Outbuildings and Gardens

Garages, sheds and other outbuildings present easy pickings for the burglar. Reduce the risk of this by: Appropriately locking doors and windows. Fit blinds to windows to hide attractive items from view. Place high value portable items such as electrical equipment and tools within locked containers. Lock away mowers and cycles. Walls, hedges, gates and fences should be in good repair. Don't let hedges and shrubs become so tall that they conceal intruders by blocking your neighbours' view of your property. Put gravel on the paths and driveways because it can help alert you to the arrival of a burglar.

Holidays and Going Away

Burglars are usually opportunists and are attracted to any house that appears empty. If you're going away, here are a few things to bear in mind: Ask your neighbours, friends or family to call in regularly. Ask them to remove post from the letterbox and to close the curtains at the end of each day. Relocate the waste bin after emptying and invite your neighbours to park their car on your driveway. Leave your lights on in various rooms on timer switches. Remove expensive or attractive contents from windows so that they are not on view. During Christmas holidays don’t leave presents on display. Do not store empty boxes and packaging outside. This advertises that the items that have been recently purchased and is likely to draw attention. Store ladders in garages or outbuildings or lock them up if left outside. Make sure that all outbuildings are secured with machinery and tools stored out of sight.

Your Valuables

Jewellery, silverware, fine art or antiques and some electrical equipment present an increased risk of theft because of their value from within the home. These items are can be readily sold on once removed. If you have any high value items, here are some suggestions Don’t leave high value items on display, and when you are away from the property, move your valuables to discreet locations out of general sight. Jewellery and cash should be stored in a Safe or other lockable container. Get a photographic or video record of all your valuables and these should be labelled and stored securely once catalogued. Make comments on values, sizes, colours, manufacturers and distinctive marks could also be added. Consider security marking for certain items. You can use a UV marker pen with name, postcode and house number. Suitable window stickers should also be displayed warning that the property is marked. Record serial numbers and the make and model of all valuable electrical items within your home. Make sure your valuables are insured with up to date valuations in place. Retain all your receipts for future reference.

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