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   Home Security Advice

Home Security

Most burglaries in the UK are unsuccessful thanks to the efforts of home owners in improving their home security. Usual measures include: door and window security, and exterior sensor lights, interior light timers and burglar alarms.

Security Lighting

As a deterrent for burglars the installation of lighting to the perimeter of a property is always recommended. There are two types of external lighting, and they should be fitted not lower than 2.5m in height to prevent easy interference from burglars.

Types of External Lighting

Passive Infra Red (PIR) units. These react upon someone approaching them, they provide instant lighting to the area, which will surprise potential burglars and attract the attention of others. But they can cause false alarms when triggered by animals, traffic and weather conditions. The other type is a light sensitive device that switches on automatically at sunset and then off again at sunrise. This type offers a less of a surprise than the PIR units but they do provide a good level of lighting which may be suitable for very dark areas.

Intruder Security Alarms

Security alarms definitely offer a deterrent and also provide a means of alerting others in the event that they are activated. Here are some tips if you are considering installing a security system: Always take advice from professionals such as your local crime prevention office or security specialist. Use a reputable company, they should be registered with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or Security Systems and Inspectorate Board (SSAIB). Maintenance contracts usually include an yearly inspection to check that the security system is in full working order. In order to avoid false alarms make sure that everyone, including the main key holders, are aware of how to enable and disable the security system.

Window and Door Security

Lock all your doors and windows before leaving your house and also before going to bed. Make sure that keys are easily found. Don't leave spare keys in obvious places because burglars check these places first. All door locks should be changed if your keys are lost or if you have moved into a new property. It is best to get an internal chain and spy-hole fitted on your main door so that you can see who you are going to let into you house.


Locks will be useless if your windows and doors are in bad condition or are not securely fixed into the wall, so you should check for any problems and arrange for repairs. Windows should have key operated locks. Main doors should be fitted with good quality locks. Pay special attention to outward opening doors because these are usually hinged externally and can be forced by removing the main pins within the hinges. To prevent removal they should be fitted with hinge bolts to the top and bottom.

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